Chapter 3 assignment answers: Sports performance testing is a systematic approach to problem-solving that provides the sports performance professional with a basis for making educated decisions about exercise and acute variable selection. It is however not designed to actually diagnose any condition. The sports performance assessment provides a view of the current structure and function … Read more


Chapter 3 assignment answers: True. It serves to break up fascial adhesions that are created through the cumulative injury cycles, and this improves the ability to lengthen through stretching. The influences of neuro-myofascial release or pressure and tension: a. The fluid properties of tissue that affects the viscosity. b. The hypothalamus, which increases vagal tone … Read more


Chapter 2 assignment answers: The skeletal system is used as the framework of the body. It works to provide shape, protection, and support. The various components of bone are as follows: 1. Calcium – 37% 2. Collagen – 33% 3. Phosphate – 17% 4. Carbonate – 10% 5. Potassium – 1% 6. Sodium – 1% … Read more


Chapter 5 assignment answers: Metabolism is defined by the NASM as the chemical process through which all of the living organisms do and this process provides them with the energy they need to function. This is one of the main features that will distinguish a living organism from one that is non-living. Producing energy via … Read more

ISSA nutritionist sample

Chapter 3 assignment answers: As far as nutrition goes, a calorie is the amount of energy that is needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius at a pressure of 1 atmosphere. Calories are going to be provided by macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that we consume through our … Read more

NASM Sample

Chapter 3 Assignment Answers: The five types of blood vessels that travel through the systemic circuit: ⦁ Arteries: Vessels that transport blood away from the heart.⦁ Arterioles: Small terminal branches of an artery.⦁ Capillaries: The smallest blood vessels. This is where the oxygen exchange occurs between blood and tissues.⦁ Venules: Very small veins that connect the capillaries to the larger veins.⦁ Veins: The … Read more

ACE Sample

Chapter 1 Assignment Answers: Client interviews and assessments = 31%,  Program design and implementation = 33%,  Progressions and modifications = 19%, Professional conduct, safety, and risk management = 17% Table 1-1Health Benefits Associated with Regular Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents-Improved cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness-Improved bone health-Improved cardiovascular and metabolic health biomarkers-Favorable body composition-Health Benefits Associated with Regular … Read more


Chapter 1 Assignment Answers: The skeleton is broken down into the axial skeleton, the appendicular skeleton, and the joints of the body. -The Axial Skeleton is made up of the Skull (Cranium), the Vertebral Column (C1 to the Coccyx), the ribs, and the sternum. The Vertebral column is made up of 5 groups. The Cervical spine has … Read more


Chapter 1 Assignment Answers: Gross anatomy: Skeletal muscles are surrounded by the epimysium, which is the outer layer of connective tissue of the muscles. The muscle is then divided into muscle fibers, where a bundle of them is known as a fascicle or a fasciculus. This fascicle is covered by the perimysium. Each fiber that is … Read more

ACSM Sample

Chapter 5 Assignment Answers: The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart and the blood vessels. The purpose of the system is to deliver nutrients and remove waste products from the tissues. The system has these specific functions: a. Transport deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs and then oxygenated blood from the … Read more

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