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Only learn and focus on what you need to know to pass the exam through an optimized study guide (written & audio), 3 simulated practice tests, and more.

Flexible Guided Study Plans

Study plans that fit your schedule and speed so you stay on track and are 100% ready on the day of the test.

Utilize Proven Study Techniques

The space repetition flashcard system, comical mnemonics, and muscle coloring book give you the tools to learn and retain the material effectively and efficiently. Even proven effective for people with ADHD.

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Product Features

NASM Premium Study Guide

Memorizing a 700 page textbook is daunting. Our Premium NASM study guide shows you exactly what you need to study in order to pass the exam.

You will learn what to focus on as well as what to skim from the text. There are assignment questions for every chapter. At the end of each chapter, you will find the assignment answers as well.

NASM Intelligent Flashcards

Our intelligent flashcards use Spaced repetition learning (SRL) and is the key to help you memorize difficult topics and definitions.

This algorithm personally learns which cards are easy, and which cards are difficult for you. It sets different study intervals to help you learn your harder topics and cement this info in your long term memory.

5 NASM Practice Tests

5 complete (120 questions) practice tests will help you understand the test structure and get you comfortable to how NASM words their questions.

These tests are timed in order to simulate the real testing environment. After finishing each practice exam, you will get a breakdown of how you did in each study domain in order to refocus your studies.

NASM Premium Audio Guide

The audio study guide goes over the assignment questions and answers from the written study guide.

Great for people who are audio learners, those who drive a lot or simply as another medium to learn. The Audio study guide needs to be used in combination with the written study guide as well as the Mnemonics in order for it to be effective.

Magic Mnemonics

Memorize the most difficult parts of the NASM exam by making unbreakable connections between the study concepts and our magic mnemonics.

Our students that use these mnemonics not only remember the info for passing the exam, but they remember it for years to come, which is even more important for being a great trainer.

Study Guide Answers

In the NASM MVP study package, you will receive the answers to every question in the study guide.

Although we prefer to have our students answer the questions themselves first, some people simply don’t have time. These study guide answers act as the perfect cram guide for the NASM CPT examination.

NASM Study Blueprint

The study blueprint contains a 16 week study plan, an 8 week plan, a 4 week plan and a 2 week plan (AKA the cram plan).

I help you decide which plan is right for you and show you exactly what to study (and how) for that time frame. This blueprint is essential if you are last second cramming and will give you the best chance to pass the exam.

NASM Cheat Sheet

The NASM cheat sheet contains the most important information that you need to focus on right before the exam.

This all fits on one sheet of paper and can be easily printed out and used the night before the test and as you are on your way to take it. This drastically helps with the last-second retention of information.

100% Exam Pass Guarantee

Our NASM MVP study package comes with an exam pass guarantee. It’s straightforward, if you somehow fail the test after using our study materials, we will refund 100% of your money. Period.

That’s how confident we are in our study materials. The retest for the NASM exam costs $199 each time! Don’t take the risk of failing.
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