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ACE CPT Study Material Packages:


  • ACE Study Guide
    4 ACE CPT Practice Tests
    Intelligent Flashcards
    Audio Study Guide
    Magic Mnemonics
    Blueprint + Cram Guide
    ACE Cheat Sheet
    ❌ Muscle Coloring Book
    ACE Exam Pass Guarantee
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  • ACE Study Guide
    4 ACE CPT Practice Tests
    ✅ Intelligent Flashcards
    Audio Study Guide
    Magic Mnemonics
    Blueprint + Cram Guide
    ACE Cheat Sheet
    ❌ Muscle Coloring Book
    ACE Exam Pass Guarantee
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  • ✅ ACE Study Guide
  • ✅ 4 ACE CPT Practice Tests
  • ✅ Intelligent Flashcards
    ✅ Audio Study Guide
    ✅ Magic Mnemonics
    ✅ Blueprint + Cram Guide
    ✅ ACE Cheat Sheet
    ✅ Muscle Coloring Book
    ✅ Pass Guarantee (99% pass rate)
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Info on our ACE study materials

ACE Premium Study Guide

Memorizing a 700+ page textbook is daunting. Our Premium ACE study guide shows you exactly what you need to study in order to pass the exam. You will learn what to focus on as well as what to skim from the text. There are assignment questions for every chapter. At the end of each chapter you will find the assignment answers as well.

Purchase the Study Guide only

Intelligent Flashcards

Our intelligent flashcards use Spaced repetition learning (SRL) and is the key to help you memorize difficult topics and definitions. This algorithm personally learns which cards are easy, and which cards are difficult for you. It sets different study intervals to help you learn your harder topics and cement this info in your long term memory.

Purchase the Flashcards only

4 ACE Practice Tests

4 complete 150 question practice tests will help you understand the test structure and get you to use to how ACE words their questions. These tests are timed for 3 hours to simulate the real testing environment. After finishing each practice exam, you will get a breakdown of how you did in each study domain in order to refocus your studies.

Purchase the Practice tests only

Audio Study Guide

The audio study guide goes over the assignment questions and answers from the written study guide. Great for people who are audio learners, those who drive a lot or simply as another medium to learn. The Audio study guide needs to be used in combination with the written study guide as well as the Mnemonics in order for it to be effective.

Purchase the Audio guide only

Magic Mnemonics

Memorize the most difficult parts of the ACE exam by making unbreakable connections between the study concepts and our magic mnemonics. Our students that use these mnemonics not only remember the info for passing the exam but they remember it for years to come, which is even more important for being a great trainer.

Muscle Coloring Book

My muscle coloring book is the best way to memorize the names and locations of the overactive and underactive muscles for the various difficult postural assessments. Not only will you learn where these muscles are, but its also a ton of fun and helps you break up boring book studying with a bit of engaging color.

Purchase the Muscle coloring book only

ACE Study Blueprint

The study blueprint contains a 16-week study plan, an 8-week plan, a 4-week plan and a 2-week plan (AKA the cram plan). I help you decide which plan is right for you and show you exactly what to study (and how) for that time frame. This blueprint is essential if you are last second cramming and will give you the best chance to pass the exam.

ACE Cheat Sheet

The ACE CPT cheat sheet contains the most important information that you need to focus on right before the exam. This all fits on one sheet of paper and can be easily printed out and used the night before the test and as you are on your way to take it. This drastically helps with last-second retention of information.

Purchase the ACE cheat sheet only

Exam Pass Guarantee

Our ACE MVP study package comes with an exam pass guarantee. It’s straightforward, if you somehow fail the test after using our study materials, we will refund 100% of your money. Period. That’s how confident we are in our study materials. The retest for the ACE exam cost $199. Don’t take the risk of failing.

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What our students are saying


Do you really boast a 99% pass rate?

Out of all of our students that have gone through the ACE MVP study materials (500+), we have had only 2 students fail. Out of the 200+ that have used the All-star package, only 3 have failed as well, and we are sure that they did not use the study materials to the full extent that they should have.

How does the exam pass guarantee work?

With the purchase of the ACE MVP study package, you receive our exam pass guarantee. It’s pretty straightforward if you somehow fail the test after going through our study guide, flashcards and 4 practice tests we will refund 100% of your money. Period.

How did you create these practice tests?

The questions were created from talking to hundreds of our students that have passed the exam, and the types of questions that they saw. ACE is constantly changing their tests and it is important to have updated questions to best simulate the real exam. These practice tests are as close as you will get to the real exam.

How did you create this study guide?

We have been running Trainer Academy for five years now and have helped thousands of people get started in the personal training industry. Many of whom have gone through the process of studying for the ACE exam. From talking to them, we have learned a great deal about what people encounter on the test and have shaped our study guide around that.

How many pages is the ACE study guide?

The study guide is a 64 page PDF.

How do I receive the study materials?

Immediately after your purchase, you can access every study material for the package you choose.

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