Trainer Academy Editorial Process

This article will go into detail as to why Trainer Academy can be trusted to bring you the best study materials and articles to make a successful fitness career.

Trainer Academy is committed to bringing learners accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date information through the many articles and study programs.

Personal Training certification and assistance in studying for fitness certification exams is the primary purpose of Trainer Academy, and this goes for all of the study program materials, as well as articles written throughout Trainer Academy.

The study materials from Trainer Academy bring together the expert fitness team within Trainer Academy to offer the latest information and proven study materials for all of the top certifications within the fitness industry.

The team here at Trainer Academy works hard to ensure the legitimacy and integrity of all of the articles and study materials and listens to community feedback through support channels.

It is easy to find help with your studying and other fitness information, but finding the most trustworthy, understandable, science-based, and transparent information is challenging. Here at Trainer Academy, we vow to bring all of that and more.

Team of Fitness Experts

Our team of writers and editors are all active in the fitness realm, with certifications and degrees throughout a range of fitness areas like personal training, strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and nutrition, to name a few of the more popular ones.

For the Trainer Academy CPT, our expert team of certification writers has crafted a program that features all the most current evidence-based science to teach the materials required to be a successful personal trainer in today’s day and age.

When looking at the Trainer Academy study programs for outside fitness certifications, all materials feature up-to-date information for each certificate, as well as the best options for studying, which have been proven to help learners pass their exams. Here at Trainer Academy, we are confident our study materials will help any learner on their journey to certification.

For all the other articles throughout Trainer Academy, a lot are written by the same writers of the study programs, so they are written with experience in all of the related certifications and their associated programs.

You can rest assured that the content found through Trainer Academy is written by experienced fitness professionals who work in the Fitness Industry, like the readers and learners on this site.

In fact, each of our team members has a current certification in personal training, along with a multitude of specializations in fitness areas like strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and nutrition.

We make sure that each review written is done by a professional on the team that has achieved that certification and specifically taken that exam.

Our Testing Process

Before creating our Trainer Academy CPT program, all of our expert writers and editors researched the fitness industry’s best personal training programs and compared and contrasted the programs to an extensive level.

On top of the intra-organizational discussion, research, and in-depth comparisons, the team consulted with certified personal trainers, physicians, dieticians, and strength and conditioning coaches to get some guidance and tips on the requests from these associated professions.

The Trainer Academy Team then brought together all of their knowledge and experience, along with these aforementioned outside resources, and wrote the materials for the Trainer Academy CPT.

The Trainer Academy CPT is a culmination of many years of varieties of experience, and the program shows precisely that. Whether it is the ideal principles of resistance training, the fundamentals of flexibility training, or the creation of a business in personal training, all of this information comes backed with personal experience from the team members.

For example, the acute variables within the Trainer Academy CPT represent the most optimal variables that have worked in real-life training from our professional team and their own training and coaching lives.

This same level of design and research comes to our reviews and roundup articles, as well. Each article follows the same writing methodology that we talk about later in this article.

Trainer Academy’s writing team has achieved certifications in personal training, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and many more specialized areas. We have close ties with organizations such as ISSA, NASM, ACE, and more.

When we write an article over a certification, like a review, for example, we make sure that the writers are those that have experience with that certification, as well as access to the most current study materials.

This means all reviews and product discussions are done with the most current materials to give an accurate representation of the current offerings of certifications.

Testing at Home and in the Field

Our process of testing in the “home” is a coming together of editors, writers, and fitness experts following through with the methodologies we pointed out throughout this article already.

The team comes together to test parts of the Trainer Academy CPT certification, rate products for reviews, and create optimal study materials for the many programs here at Trainer Academy.

Testing in the field involves our team of experts testing the many variables and research available in the realm of fitness on clients and testers to find the best possible option for future certified professionals to utilize in their business as a trainer.

Through affiliations and research done personally by the team at Trainer Academy, we assure readers they are getting the best information when they are going through the Trainer Academy CPT certification or a study program for other certifications here at Trainer Academy.

Up-to-Date Information

Whether it is the Trainer Academy CPT certification or any of the study materials for other fitness organizations, the information brought to the premium study programs is going to be the most current and relevant knowledge a reader or learner can find.

The Trainer Academy Certification for Personal Training shines as the most current and breaking exercise science you can find in the realm of personal training. It stacks up with all the best personal training certifications in the industry.

For the other study programs covering personal training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition certs from organizations like ISSA, NASM, ACE, and more, the materials studied will represent the most current information, and we make sure to accurately compare them in reviews and roundups for readers to make an educated decision.

Our close affiliation with the top fitness organizations allows us to offer up-to-date study content to learners to help them pass the certification exam.

Lastly, let’s look at how we use chat support to keep in touch with our visitors and help them with their questions.

Methodology for Study Programs and Articles

The programs of study for each of the certifications include multiple forms of study to help all types of learners master the materials within their chosen certification.

The Trainer Academy Certification for Personal Training is our main personal training certification, and it emphasizes the values and goals of Trainer Academy.

Our team has also crafted study programs for many of the most sought-after fitness certifications, like personal training, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and more fitness specializations.

You can rest assured that you are getting quality information for all of the study programs, as the team carefully goes through all of the programs directly from the organizations that offer the certs.

In addition to the information taught, the materials chosen to teach these materials are carefully chosen and implemented. This includes materials like study guides, audio guides, mnemonic devices, flashcards, and practice tests.

The articles throughout Trainer Academy are written by the expert team based on research, experience, and close affiliation with major fitness organizations.

Here at Trainer Academy, we offer articles on ranking and reviewing fitness certifications, as well as round-ups and general fitness study tips.

Next, let’s see a little bit about the Trainer Academy team.

Fact-Checking, Resources, and Citations

For the creation of the Trainer Academy CPT and all articles on Trainer Academy, we rely on a team of highly experienced fact-checkers to help proofread and verify our information.

This team of fact-checkers and professionals at Trainer Academy consists of certified personal trainers, health coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, nutrition coaches, corrective exercise specialists, and many other specialization areas. Each article covering a specific area of fitness is taken on by the appropriate certified professional.

The team utilizes the most up-to-date peer-reviewed medical journals, universities, and government organizations to craft the CPT certification on Trainer Academy, as well as other articles throughout Trainer Academy.

The same fact-checkers go through the articles and reviews to ensure the information throughout this website is of equal standards and provides readers with trustworthy writing.

We do list sources and citations, when relevant, to give readers the ability to fact-check on their own.

The final source of fact-checking and correction comes with the support team, where we receive inquiries and requests to either expand on information or make slight changes to articles for a multitude of reasons.

We will expand on the usefulness of our support team in the next section.

Support Team Dedicated to Learners

At Trainer Academy, we encourage visitors, both new and old, to chat with a dedicated support team quickly and efficiently.

Our Live Support team is committed to helping with any issue you may have, whether that deals specifically with your Trainer Academy CPT cert, another certification study program, or just a simple question asking what certification is best for you.

Regardless of the issue, we will get it resolved or send it to the appropriate team member via live chat support.

If you have a current question about trainer academy, make sure to click on the live chat support that pops up on this page and get to chat with our helpful support team.

Why Trust Trainer Academy?

Our Trainer Academy CPT is a quality certification that is based on many years of research and dedication to the world of fitness.

The reviews and other fitness-related articles all come with years of experience and writers and editors with current certifications across a variety of areas of fitness, like personal training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition, to name the more common ones.

On top of having a team of experts, we also have close ties with all of the top fitness organizations and access to the most current research in fitness.

Here at Trainer Academy, we are dedicated to ensuring readers have the best information they can find, and once we publish an article or any piece of fitness writing, we make sure to continuously update it, as to keep up with the industry.

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