Welcome to the Trainer Academy ACSM Practice Test. This practice exam tests on your knowledge of the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer final exam materials.

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ACSM Exam Domain Breakdown

The ACSM exam is broken down into four key domains. Candidates must understand the concepts in each section and answer enough questions correctly to receive at least 70 percent on the overall exam.

It’s important to account for the knowledge and details in each domain to make your choice as to which sections you focus on during your studies.

Taking multiple iterations of practice exams is the ultimate method to mastering the ACSM materials.

You have a lot of options for studying, and the ACE practice exam domain breakdown will allow you the insight to understand how your efforts are best applied.

You do need to have your high school diploma or equivalent degree like a GED as well as a CPR/AED certification to sit for the exam. This is true whether or not you take a remote proctored exam through Pearson VUE or at an in-person testing center.

The following sections break down the topics of each domain on the ACSM exam.

Domain I: Initial Client Consultation and Assessment

Initial client consultations and assessments are the first areas you need to learn for the exam during your ACSM course study.

These concepts are vital for all personal trainers. You need to assess your clients initially to determine their goals, lifestyle, and life status to ensure their well-being and the effectiveness of your program.

This is also key for business success whether you work for gyms or as a self-employed trainer.

You need to make the initial sale during your client interview, and you also need the prospects to feel that you care deeply about their success to convince them you are the right trainer for them and that they should pay for their services.

Domain II: Exercise Programming and Implementation

This section covers the key concepts you need for program design and exercise techniques.

Few can argue that these are unimportant concepts for personal trainers to master, and you need to know the answers for this section given it’s weight on the exam.

You’ll learn key exercises for every area and part of the body, from the core, legs, arms, shoulders, and chest to the stabilizer muscles that aid in all forms of human movement.

For programming, the curriculum teaches how to determine sets and reps for different fitness goals.

Domain III: Exercise Leadership and Client Education

Client education and leadership come into play as you develop your career as a personal trainer, and learning these areas is part and parcel of the ACSM curriculum.

Just like Oracle and Microsoft are leaders in the business world or Comptia and Cisco in IT, successful trainers become leaders within their fitness communities, whether that’s in the gym, group fitness classes, writing individual fitness plans, or becoming sought-after as an online trainer.

You also need to learn about calories, behavior change, and other key things that you need to lead clients to success. It’s more than just reading an article to keep up with the times.

You must immerse yourself in the world of fitness and commit to a deep and continuing education to deliver results, whether you train clients over an app or in-person.

Domain IV: Legal and Professional Responsibilities

The final domain on the ACSM exam is legal and professional responsibilities. Being a trainer entails managing risk and ensuring the safety of your clients, which is something many people don’t think about.

You also need to understand the limits of your knowledge as a personal trainer to be sure that you do not exceed the personal trainer’s scope of practice. This is a series of learning modules that cover this topic.

Whatever place you work at, from San Diego to Boston, you need a solid knowledge of the legal guidelines with regards to personal trainer.

ACSM Practice Test FAQ

What is the best exam prep and study material for the ACSM test?

Your test preparation for the ACSM personal training certification revolves around the ACSM study materials and textbook. Additional online materials and study mnemonics are available to streamline the process of learning from the book. These include practice test questions, online practice questions, a quiz per chapter, a detailed content guide, and additional ACSM study guide materials such as spaced repetition flashcards.

What topics are on the ACSM exam?

The ACSM exam content outline and exam prep courses include exercise physiology, exercise modalities, program design, physical activity screens, fitness testing, and risk management.

How much study time and review do I need to pass the ACSM personal trainer exam?

Your study time needed to pass the ACSM CPT test depends on your background knowledge. Using an ACSM study guide to efficiently review material can drastically decrease the amount of time it takes to prepare for the ACSM CPT exam. The ACSM certification study guide is one of the best, free personal trainer resources offered.

How do I get my ACSM personal trainer certification?

To get your ACSM personal trainer certificate, you need to take the ACSM CPT exam and receive a passing score of at least 550/800.

Is the ACSM CPT a specialist certification?

The ACSM CPT is a general fitness certification. However, the ACSM does offer specialist certifications, such as the ACSM-certified exercise physiologist and the ACSM group exercise certification.

ACSM Practice Test Overview

Are you looking to become a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certification?

Whether or not you have a general background in anatomy and kinesiology, becoming an ACSM-certified personal trainer is a great first step toward your career as a personal trainer.

And since ACSM is strong in research and evidence-based methodologies, at some point, you may want to explore becoming a clinical exercise physiologist.

Sounds fancy, right?

This free ACSM CPT practice exam has the hardest questions from the ACSM personal trainer study guide. This offers the best type of ACSM test prep that delivers true results by leveraging all components and strategies that maximize your understanding of the subjects you need to ensure readiness for your CPT exam.

It also contains the toughest ACSM exam questions from the following domains:

  • Initial client consultation and ACSM fitness assessment
  • Exercise leadership and client education
  • Legal and professional responsibilities
  • ACSM flashcards and spaced repetition learning

The worst that could happen is you fail and have to face the ACSM recertification fee.

But that’s nothing compared to what you pay for the overall CPT exam cost. Just like investing in workouts at the gym, your studying should deliver results. Our practice test helps everyone from beginners to those with experience in exercise science get everything they need to pass their ACSM CPT final exam.

Rest assured, if you can score well on the ACSM-CPT practice questions, then you will pass your ACSM CPT exam and earn your personal trainer certification.

The ACSM CPT is well designed to give you the wellness and training skills to succeed in the field of personal training and deliver stellar service.

Their training courses include instructions that teach you how to train clients with a variety of equipment, from weights and proper form to the benefits of each as well as cardio programming, and flexibility movements.

Individuals without any background in fitness will learn these items and be able to scale their training programs to match client needs.

But before even taking your exam, you must meet the CPT exam requirements.


I know you want to become a personal trainer in the worst way.

These ACSM CPT sample questions will help significantly reduce the time it takes to become a personal trainer.

As this is rated one of the best personal trainer practice tests online, along with others from top-notch personal trainer certifications, such as:

As you can see, both the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) offer somewhat similar content coverage and exam layout.

You can even compare the ACSM certification to NASM, ACSM vs. ACE, and even NASM vs. ACE for a further look into each.

Furthermore, you can take what you know about ACSM and compare that to NASM vs. ISSA, or the International Sports Sciences Association personal trainer certification.

They are all accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), which is a non-profit organization and the gold standard accreditation in the fitness industry.

NCCA-accredited certifications also open the door to many great career opportunities.

Ever want to become a strength and conditioning coach?

Then I highly recommend the NSCA CSCS certification, which also comes with a free CSCS study guide and CSCS practice test to see if any of its content is of interest to you.

In case you want to become a nutrition coach, there are plenty of nutrition certifications to choose from.

It’s also worth sharing that having more than just a personal trainer certification will increase your overall personal trainer salary.

The study of human movement and nutrition and human performance is always expanding, hence why the personal trainer job outlook is expected to grow by 12% throughout the decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Even if you want to become a group exercise instructor, there are a ton of group fitness certifications up for grabs.

Just do your research.

And with the popularity of the internet, I wouldn’t be surprised if you want to become an online personal trainer.

If you put your mind to it, and you want to make money as a personal trainer, then there’s no question you’ll make it as a successful online trainer.

All-in-all, I truly wish you nothing but the greatest success in your career as an ACSM personal trainer.

“Exercise is medicine!”

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