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Are you ready to become a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer?

Only 70% of people pass the NSCA CPT exam studying just the official textbook—30% fail!

99% of Trainer Academy students pass on the first try—you can too.

Trainer Academy’s MVP study system guarantees:

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Exam difficulty and Pass Rate

When you’ve invested several hundred dollars into the NSCA program, and close to a hundred hours or more in study time—the last thing you need is to fail the exam.

Yet, a full 30% of hopeful NSCA CPTs do fail on the first attempt at the exam.


The reason is actually quite simple.

It’s because the NSCA textbook is 650+ pages and most people do not know how to study efficiently or effectively.

Sorry—but it’s just a fact.

Plus, lots of people have testing anxiety that compounds the issue.

The NSCA textbook, while a fantastic work that is jam-packed with all the information you need to start a successful personal training career, is not written with effective, efficient study in mind.

It’s a ton of knowledge.

In order to virtually guarantee a passing score on the exam—one of the toughest in the businessyou need a top-notch study system.

And that’s where Trainer Academy comes in.

You see, we at Trainer Academy were once like you—newbie trainers full of enthusiasm and ready to get started in the exciting world of personal training.

And we found—like so many before and after us have—that without a solid system for studying the material that will actually be on the NSCA CPT exam, it’s kinda like taking a shot in the dark.

You might hit your target, but chances are good that you won’t.

And NSCA’s verifiable 30% CPT exam failure rate proves it!

Still Not Ready? Try The MVP For Free

That’s a full 1 out of every 3 people that will fail!

If that’s not a testament to how ineffective their textbook is for actually studying for their exam, I don’t know what else is.


Trainer Academy has your back!

Over the last few years, we’ve developed a rock-solid study system that has helped more than thousands of people pass the NSCA exam on their very first try.

In fact, less than 1% of students have failed to date.

Out of thousands of students, only 1% have failed.

NSCA wishes they could boast those numbers.

Not only does our study system virtually guarantee you will pass, but it cuts your total exam study time in half—that’s a 50% reduction in exam prep time.

That’s huge.

And, on top of that piece of cake is some of the sweetest icing…

If, for some crazy reason you fail your NSCA exam after using our MVP study program—we will refund your money for our program 100%.

Still Not Ready? Try The MVP For Free

You literally have nothing to lose by investing in Trainer Academy’s MVP study program.

Even if you don’t want our flagship program, we have two other study programs that will get you there too—you’ll just have to work a little harder—and we don’t offer our ‘Pass Guarantee/Money-back Guarantee’ with those programs.

Study Packages

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Still Not Ready? Try The MVP For Free

What Our Clients Say…

“The NSCA Study guide directed me to study exactly what I needed to in order to pass the exam. It helps me avoid the fluff studying.”

George Francis

George Francis

“I am a certified NSCA personal trainer thanks to Trainer Academy! The study guide in flashcards must have saved me over 40 hours of study time.”

Crystal Robinson

Crystal Robinson

“The MVP package made me sure about taking the exam. After passing all 4 practice exams, the real test was a cakewalk.”

Martin Hendrickson

Martin Hendrickson

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