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Chapter 3: Inhibitory Techniques

Chapter three assignments:


SMR administered in conjunction with a static stretching protocol increases joint ROM. True or False?


What influences does neuro-myofascial release or pressure and tension have on the autonomic nervous system?


What is phase 1 of the Corrective Exercise Continuum and explain what Self Myofascial Release (SMR) is.


 What is the gamma loop? Find this with outside research on the internet.


Based on the textbook, list the two reasons to use SMR. (NB: Carefully read Scientific Rationale for SMR and The Effects of Tissue Pressure. these will be heavily featured in the final exam.)


List all of Self Myofascial Release’s precautions.


What are Davis’ law and relative flexibility?

We include only the most important questions so that the huge NASM CES textbook does not completely overwhelm you.

Chapter 3 assignment answers:

True. It serves to break up fascial adhesions that are created through the cumulative injury cycles, and this improves the ability to lengthen through stretching.

The influences of neuro-myofascial release or pressure and tension:

a. The fluid properties of tissue that affects the viscosity.

b. The hypothalamus, which increases vagal tone and decreases global muscle tonus.

c. Smooth muscle cells in fascia that may be related to regulation of fascial pretension.

Phase 1 of the corrective exercise continuum is the inhibit phase. The inhibit phase uses inhibitory techniques, primarily the use of SMR or self-myofascial release. SMR is a technique for flexibility used to inhibit overactive muscle fibers. This is through the use of things like foam rollers and other trigger point items.

SMR decreases gamma loop activity. Gamma loop is the reflex arc that consists of small anterior horn nerve cells and their small fibers that project to the intrafusal bundle and produce its contraction, which initiates the afferent impulses that pass through the posterior root to the anterior horn cells, inducing reflex contraction of the entire muscle.

First it is used to alleviate the side effects of active or latent trigger points (affect local myofascial tissue dysfunction), and then the second is to influence the autonomic nervous system.

Precautions for self-myofascial release:

Davis’ law states that our soft tissues will model along the line of stress. Soft tissue models and rebuilds itself with inelastic collagen matrix that form randomly. This means they don’t yet run in the line of the muscle fibers. When the fibers are lengthened, the inelastic connective tissue fibers are roadblocks that don’t allow the fibers to properly move. Alterations occur in normal extensibility of tissues. This causes relative flexibility.

You didn’t think we were going to leave you hanging without the answers, did you? Use these answers to double-check your own. Or, use them as a cram guide before the exam.

chapter 3 mnemonics:

At first, mnemonics may seem like a strange way to study. But studies have shown time and time again that it is the best way to memorize information in a sequence. The goal is to make them as weird, controversial or gross as possible. Trust me, you are First Response might be “Ewwwww”, but you will never forget them. Practice what you learned in the fill in the blank section below.

let’s practice one. List the 4 dynamic posture assessments?



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