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Chapter 3: The Cardio Respiratory System

This sample chapter is for the 6th edition of the textbook. Our study system has equivalent study materials for the newest 2022 7th edition as well.

Chapter 3 Assignments:

Expect 4-6 questions from Chapter 3


Write down the five types of blood vessels that travel through the systemic circuit and the order that the blood travels through.


Write down the conducting and respiratory airways.


Discuss the structure of the heart.


Write down and describe the three primary functions of blood from Table 3.1.


How can a personal trainer measure a client’s heart rate and beats per minute manually? Refer to Figure 3.4.


How do you measure your client’s heart rate during exercise?


What are the support mechanisms of Blood?


When is the best time to measure your client’s resting heart rate? Where is the best location to do it (on the body)? Do you press gently or hard?


What are the differences between cardiac output, heart rate, and stroke volume? Define all three of these.


What are the two forms of inspiratory ventilation?


What are the forms of expiratory ventilation?


How does blood flow through the heart? Describe it in detail and draw it out to help memorize it. Go to Table 3.5 for a reference.

We include only the most important questions so that the huge NASM textbook does not completely overwhelm you.

Chapter 3 Assignment Answers:

You didn’t think we were going to leave you hanging without the answers, did you? Use these answers to double-check your own. Or, use them as a cram guide before the exam.

NASM Mnemonics

At first, mnemonics may seem like a strange way to study. But studies have shown time and time again that it is the best way to memorize information in a sequence. The goal is to make them as weird, controversial or gross as possible. Trust me, you are First Response might be “Ewwwww”,  but you will never forget them. Practice what you learned in the fill in the blank section below.

Let’s practice one. How does blood travel through the heart?



      Audio Study Guide

      And for audio learners, we’ve got you covered as well. These are great to study while you are driving or hands-free.  It is the same as the written study guide. Short and sweet. We don’t want you falling asleep from an overload of long boring lectures.

      Our Intelligent flashcards: Click a card

      While using our intelligent flashcards, you will rate yourself on how well you know each card from 1 (pink) to 5 (blue). Our intelligent system will start showing you you’re difficult cards frequently,  and you’re easy cards only once in a while. This will save you hours of time by focusing on your weak areas. 1100 NASM flashcards in total.

      Practice Exam Process

      We have five full 120 question NASM practice exams. These exams have a 2-hour countdown timer to replicate what it feels like to take the real exam. You are shown which domain each question comes from.

      At the end of each exam you will see a breakdown of how you did in each of the six domains of study. This will help you refocus your studies on your weak areas. We have domain-specific quizzes to help you do this. Check the review results section to see the questions you got wrong.

      In the “review results” section you will be able to see all the questions you got wrong as well as the correct answer

      Coloring Book

      You will see up to 10 questions related to underactive and overactive muscles for specific postural assessments (Especially the overhead squat assessment) on the NASM exam. Our coloring book will be your savior for learning this section.

      Additional MVP study materials and features

      NASM Study Blueprint

      The study blueprint contains a 16 week study plan, an 8 week plan, a 4 week plan and a 2 week plan (AKA the cram plan).

      I help you decide which plan is right for you and show you exactly what to study (and how) for that time frame. This blueprint is essential if you are last second cramming and will give you the best chance to pass the exam.

      NASM Cheat Sheet

      The NASM cheat sheet contains the most important information that you need to focus on right before the exam.

      This all fits on one sheet of paper and can be easily printed out and used the night before the test and as you are on your way to take it. This drastically helps with the last-second retention of information.

      100% Exam Pass Guarantee

      Our NASM MVP study package comes with an exam pass guarantee. It’s straightforward, if you somehow fail the test after using our study materials, we will refund 100% of your money. Period.

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