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Now offering the Trainer Academy Certified Personal Trainer program The first 500 applicants will receive the entire CPT program free of charge! We’ve created the most up-to-date personal trainer certification on the market.

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Why Choose The Trainer Academy CPT?


NCCA Accreditation

The Trainer Academy CPT is scheduled for full accreditation by fall 2023 through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. The NCCA is considered the “gold standard” accreditation organization for fitness certifications. This accreditation demonstrates to potential clients and employers that you have the knowledge necessary to safely and effectively train clients to reach their fitness goals.


First 500 Applications Get The CPT Program For Free

Become one of our founding applicants to receive the entire Trainer Academy CPT program, including the exam fee and all study materials, 100% free. Enrollment for the free certification is still open but is filling up quickly.


Lifetime Access To CoachesOnline App

In addition to getting the entire CPT program for no cost, the first 500 applicants receive free lifetime free access to Coaches Online Premium Personal Trainer Software. Whether you plan to train clients at the gym or online, this app is the go-to choice. With over 1000 preloaded exercise options and complete exercise customization, if you are serious about becoming a lucrative trainer at the gym or online, this app is for you. To be released in Q2 2023.

Why Are We Offering The CPT Exam And Textbook For Free?

Unlike other certifying organizations, we provide the core Trainer Academy CPT Textbook for free, as we affirm in our Mission Statement, one of the primary purposes of the Trainer Academy CPT is to reduce the financial barriers for certification to allow students from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds access to the resources they need to not only pass the certification exam, but also exceed the knowledge and skill standards set by other industry-leading certifications.

We want to provide the maximum value possible to those certified by Trainer Academy which includes having the certification accredited by the NCCA in a timely manner. The NCCA requires 500 applicants to have completed the exam to earn accreditation, so in order to achieve that condition as fast as possible, we are offering the first 500 qualified applicants the ability to take the exam and earn their certification for free.

Requirements To Qualify For
Trainer Academy’s CPT

Exam Requirements

Be 18+ years of age Hold a high school diploma or GED Be CPR/AED certified

Founding Trainer Requirements

Founding trainers receiving the CPT test at no cost and free lifetime Coaching App access must meet the following requirements:

Must schedule and take the exam by the end of November 2023.

Applicants will receive lifetime Coaching App access upon taking the exam, independent of exam results.

CPT Features

2023 curriculum based on the latest scientific research Complete skillset for training clients on day one Includes practical business & sales skills on top of training

Important Information

Purpose of Certification

The Trainer Academy CPT prepares the next generation of personal trainers for the demands of the fitness industry, including traditional in-person and online training.

Our mission is to remove the financial barriers associated with the current NCCA accredited fitness certifications that keep qualified, motivated aspiring trainers from starting their fitness career.

With our open-access textbook and affordable testing fee (free for the first 500 applicants), the only barrier to become a successful fitness professional is your own dedication and hard work.


The Trainer Academy CPT consists of 125 scored questions on 6 different study domains. Students have 3 hours to complete the exam.

Eligibility requirements

  • 18+ years old
  • High school diploma or GED
  • CPR/AED certification

Application information

To apply for certification, candidates must complete and submit the online application. Candidates must complete each application section in full before clicking submit.

Applications will only be reviewed after all information has been completed and payment has been processed (payment waived for first 500 applicants).

Trainer Academy will audit approximately 5% of applications for recertification to confirm the requirements are met. Certificants will be notified of the audit. They are required to provide evidence of completion of the submitted continuing education hours (e.g., certificate of completion, etc.).

Use of Credential

Candidates who meet all eligibility requirements and receive a passing score on their exam will receive Trainer Academy CPT credential.

Credentialled trainers are authorized to use the credential in the following manner:

  • The credential may be used as Trainer Academy CPT or Trainer Academy Certified Personal Trainer
  • The credential is typically used after the certificants name following any academic degrees and licensure
  • The mark must be clearly associated with the individual(s) certified by the Council
  • The mark should not be used in a plural or possessive manner


Individuals credentialed with the Trainer Academy CPT certification are required to recertify by completing 24 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) every 2 years.

Certified trainers have the option to complete this via approved CEU providers, attending approved conferences and webinars, and completing additional online trainings.

Recertification candidates also have the option to take the current form of the CPT exam to recertify.

Role of the Certification Board

The certification board consists of subject matter experts tasked with identifying the latest key skills and knowledge requirements needed to work professionally as a personal fitness trainer. Board members ensure up-to-date eligibility requirements and curriculum scope to ensure Trainer Academy Certified Personal Trainers are fully equipped for the demands of the fitness industry.

Refer to complete Trainer Academy CPT Handbook HERE

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